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JOY Delights is a family owned business which began and is established in Miami, Florida.


We started out as just an idea...  "I had asked my mother one time to cook me one of her delicious dessert from our homemade family recipes for work once; which she did and cooked me a amazing Cheese Flan. I took it to my office for an end-of-the-year office party and waited for lunch time bring out my contributed dessert. Not to my surprise, my cheese flan was gone within seconds! and I thought to myself "wow everyone really likes my mothers flan" so I went home that day and asked my mom. "Do you think we can make a chocolate flan?" which we did, and that sparked the beginning of JOY Delights. 

All of our desserts are made homestyle just as abuela would cook them. We have created a much more modern, more enjoyable recipe and line of desserts, professionally tested by non other than our 3 contributors; Jezebel, Oliday, and Yunisbel. (JOY Delights)


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“All of our products are made with love and only with high quality ingredients.” 

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